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User Guide - Fixture details

Once your search is complete, you can access to the Fixture Details to get more informations.

This User Guide will describes the informations available and the Onyx Fixture Finder features.

Access to the Fixture Details

To access to the Fixture Details, you have to click on its name:
Link to Fixture Details

Fixture Details Overview

Fixture Details Window

  1. Manufacturer
  2. Name
  3. Wheels
  4. DMX Charts with DMX Channel type & number
  5. Fixture profile changelog
  6. Switch Fixture Channel values
  7. Close the window

1 & 2 - Fixture name

The fixture detail window name is composed of the manufacturer (1) + fixture name (2)

3 - Wheels

If the profile has the Color/Gobo/Animation wheel available, these last will be displayed

On mouse over, the picture will be zoomed:
Zoom on a Gobo

Note: The open slot is never shown

4 & 6 - DMX Charts

The DMX Charts (4) are displayed by mode.

Each mode name can be clicked to launch a search with the exact same DMX Charts:
Search fixture profile with same DMX Charts

Each mode display the channel type and their associated number:
DMX Chart

You can switch the simplified view to the extended one to see the channel values. Click on the "Show Fixture Values" (4) button to switch:
Show Fixture Values

As result, the channel values are displayed:
DMX Chart with values

5 - Changelog

Inside the fixture changelog you can find the evolution bring on the profile between all release

Click on the "Changelog" icon (5) to display it:
Fixture changelog

Note: only the channel type, wheels and mode (since 2014) are tracked in the changelog

7 - Close

This button is only displayed if the fixture detail page is display on a search page.

Click on the "Close" button (7) to close the fixture detail window and get back to the search result.