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User Guide - Search Panel

The search panel is the entry point of Onyx Fixture Finder.

This User Guide will help you to use it.


Search Panel Overview

  1. Manufacturer
  2. Name
  3. Number of DMX Channel
  4. Reset to default
  5. Reset only DMX Chart
  6. Select Channel Type

1 & 2 - Manufacturer and Fixture name

These fields are described in their dedicated User Guide:

  1. Display all manufacturer fixtures
  2. Search a fixture by its name

3 - Number of DMX Channel

The number of DMX Channel is used to search, but also to add in the form as many select channel type as number of DMX Channel set.

You can set manually the value between 1 and 512, or use the + and - buttons.

4 - Reset to Default

This button allow to quickly reset the search settings and DMX chart in one click

Note: It you only want to reset the DMX Chart, use the "Channel" button instead

5 - Reset Only DMX Chart

This button allow to quickly reset the select channel type to "Any".

Note: It does not reset the search settings, manufacturer, name and DMX Count.

6 - Select Channel Type

To set a type to a channel, click it, and select through the restricted list:

Select Channel Type opened

If your look-up parameter is not available in this list, set the "Channel Type List" to "Full" in the search settings:
Channel Type List set to Full

If you want Search Settings on top of the main form, simply double click on the "Gear Icon". Perform the same action to get back Search Settings at its original position.

Note: Your navigator can be really slower with the channel type list set to full due to the high level of parameters available